Running Routes to Explore Downtown Charleston


Downtown Jogging Map

Hit the ground running (literally) on your path to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Cooper River Bridge Run with running route recommendations from our staff members. Danielle Girard, Guest Room Dining Manager and Jennifer Casselli, Director of Human Resources are both avid runners. Stretch your legs, get some fresh air and explore the surrounding areas with these diverse routes.

What is your favorite area or route to run in Charleston?
The West Ashley Bikeway, a 2.5 mile cycling and walking path, located a few miles from downtown. It’s gorgeous in the fall when the leaves changes color. – Jennifer

Are you a morning, midday or evening runner?
An evening run, hands down. It’s the perfect way to clear your head and the sunset views are usually incredible. – Jennifer

What is your favorite way to relax post-run?
A relaxing bath of lavender Epsom salts. The marble tubs in our guestrooms are perfect for a post-Marathon soak. – Danielle

Do you have any tips for guests for staying active while traveling?
Running while traveling is the best way to see a city. Get out there and explore. – Jennifer

Check out Running Clubs in the area you are visiting. It’s an ideal way to get to know the locals too. – Danielle

Scenic jogging routes are available for those more interested in a leisurely stroll. Click here to learn more. Share your favorite route with us or contact our concierge for a route that best fits your pace.

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Two Days in Charleston for the History Buff

For the history buff, the American south, specifically Charleston, is a treasure trove of discovery. As one of the United States’ most strategic naval and logistics sites on the East Coast, it has played an integral role in every major American conflict from the Revolutionary War to the Cold War. Here’s our two-day guide to Charleston for the history buff.

Fort Moultrie


Start your first day with a trip off the peninsula to nearby Sullivan’s Island where you’ll find one of the most war-weathered military locations in the country, Fort Moultrie. In the Revolutionary War, it stood as the final defense of the city from invading British troops and helped American forces win a major victory due to its clever construction of shock-absorbent palmetto logs. It was a key strategic defense point in every major American conflict until World War II. The beach head beneath the fort offers one of the most spectacular views of the Charleston Harbor. Afterwards, grab lunch at Poe’s Tavern, named after the famous American writer who stayed at Fort Moultrie during his brief stint in the army.

USS Yorktown


If you’re looking for some large-scale military history after lunch, drive over to Patriot’s Point for a tour of the USS Yorktown. Named after the famous ship that sunk during the Battle of Midway in World War II, this Essex-class (very large) aircraft carrier takes a prominent and eye-catching spot in the Charleston Harbor. Permanently docked across the river from downtown, this National Historic Landmark now serves as a military museum. Here you’ll see some of America’s most popular aircraft and learn about naval operations from World War II to the Korean War. Also at Patriot’s Point are the Vietnam Experience Exhibit and Medal of Honor Museum, as well as several decommissioned battleships and a submarine.

Fort Sumter


Start your second day off with a sea voyage to Charleston’s most famous fort, Fort Sumter, from which the first shots of the Civil War were fired. The fort remains an iconic sight in the center of Charleston’s bustling harbor. Reachable only by ferry, Fort Sumter is an excellent place to commemorate our nation’s most divisive conflict while viewing the city from its most unique location.

The Battery


To finish your travel through time, walk through Charleston’s historic French Quarter neighborhood to the Battery, also known as White Point Gardens. This public park south of Broad Street offers immaculate sunset views of the Charleston Harbor. Explore the arrangement of cannons and statues commemorating Charleston’s tumultuous yet fascinating past. Once the sun has set, scurry down to East Bay Street where a host of restaurants and bars line the avenue from fine dining to cocktail joints.

With its impressive military history and vital role in some of America’s most important conflicts, Charleston is sure to leave the history nut in you eager to explore.

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An Evening at the Theatre

Now that the hustle and bustle of the new year is settling down, it’s the perfect time to dress up, hit the town and treat yourself to a night out. Charleston’s vibrant and robust theatre scene is a great way to celebrate the coming year. From grand auditoriums to comedic hot spots, this coastal town offers a big city level of limelight options.

Gaillard Center

Gaillard Center Charleston

If you’re looking for a grandiose experience that will stun your senses with some of the best artistic performances, look no further than the Gaillard Center. This immense, newly renovated 1,800-seat auditorium is the cultural center of Charleston and offers a wide range of shows from classical ballet and opera to modern dance. Perhaps the most iconic performance location in Charleston, Gaillard Center serves as the premiere venue for the world-renowned Spoleto Festival USA and the Charleston Symphony Orchestra.

Theatre 99

Theatre 99 Charlesotn

If grand opera and folks in tights aren’t your thing, venture to Theatre 99 to enjoy some comedy gold. As Charleston’s best place for stand up comedy and improv, this comedic enclave will have your rolling on the floor laughing as you experience some of the South’s top talent. If you’re looking to take a step out of your comfort zone or even brush up on your comedy skills, visit during the daytime for one of Theatre 99’s improv training classes.

PURE Theatre

Pure Theatre Charleston

You’ve tried the grand concert halls. You’ve had your go at the comedy troupes. You want something edgier; more modern. PURE Theatre has what you’re looking for. This reputable King Street Theatre showcases a strong ensemble of 13 professional actors that emphasize provocative, contemporary performances. Their focus on risk-taking and passionate commitment on the stage sets them apart.

Dock Street Theatre


For those who want more than just a wonderful performance, why not visit the oldest theatre in the country? Dock Street Theatre, which has graced Charleston’s historic French Quarter neighborhood since 1736, showcased the nation’s first opera performance, Flora, and continues to wow audiences today. With its beautiful wooden auditorium, wrought iron balcony and sandstone columns, it regularly features one of Charleston’s most reputable acting troupes, the Charleston Resident Acting Company. The theatre displays a wide range of events from musicals to plays. The newly renovated bar and outdoor patio also offer a great spot to socialize during intermission.

Since the 18th century, Charleston has been considered one of America’s premiere cultural centers, combining the magnificent splendor of its European influencers with the boldness and individualism of the American spirit. Today, that heritage remains and is personified in its diverse and blossoming theatrical culture. Make it a night out to truly remember and enjoy a luxurious meal with live jazz at the Charleston Grill after the performance.

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