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A Simple Holiday Cocktail to Wow Your Guests

The holiday season is full of traditions, time spent with family and friends, and spreading joy and cheer.  Whether you’re hosting a dinner or simply attending a party as a guest, we have the perfect, yet simple, cocktail to serve to your loved ones.  Packed with smooth flavors and full of rich history, the infamous Kir Royale cocktail will be a people pleaser.

The History of Kir Royale

Originating from Burgundy, France, and named after its jovial creator and mayor of Dijon (the capital city of Burgundy, not the mustard), Canon Felix Kir invented the Kir Royale.  Research reveals that he was a fan of using local products, so he used the popular French blackcurrant liqueur ‘Crème de Cassis’ as the base to give the cocktail its color and sweetness.  The 19th century recipe has proven to be a celebratory cocktail, perfect for special occasions.

How to make a Kir Royale

Justin Razza, our Charleston Grill cocktail guru, gives us his expert tips on how to make the perfect Kir Royale.



Crème de Cassis, Recommended: Mathilde Cassis

½ Ounce
Champagne (chilled), Recommended: Chapuy Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Brut

Fill flute to top


In a Champagne flute, first pour the crème de cassis and then top the glass off with Champagne.  Garnish with a sprig of rosemary for a festive look or a lemon peel for extra sweetness.

*Expert Tip: Switch out the Champagne with a chilled, dry white wine to create the original “Kir”.