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Impress Your Guests With These Game Day Eats

Take your Super Bowl dishes to the next level with helpful tips from our masterful chef at Meeting at Market. Known for delectable pub fare and an abundance of rotating draft beer, Chef Jorge Soto shares his go-to game day recipes. And for extra indulgence, each dish is paired with a flavorful draft to complement each bite. Lager Beer Cheese SauceBeer Pairing: Two Blokes Publican Ale This comfort food is perfect for dipping and sampling, especially in the colder months. Chef refers to top French fries or warm pretzels with this savory sauce, but you can also opt for a healthier option like broccoli or cauliflower. Then, pour yourself a Publican Ale from the local brewers at Two Blokes. Ingredients Yuengling Lager Heavy Cream Whole Milk Nutmeg Shredded Cheddar Cheese Shredder Pepper Jack Cheese Butter Flour Quantity 4 pints 1 quart 2 quarts ½ tbsp ½ bag ¾ bag ¾ cup ¾ cup Directions: Make a light brown roux then set aside. Reduce beer on high heat for 20 minutes. Then, add heavy cream and milk, and bring up to a simmer. Add roux slowly until liquid starts thickening. When milk has thickened to proper consistency, add in nutmeg and cheese. Let cool and store sauce in an appropriate serving dish. Street CornBeer Pairing: Wicked Weed Hop Cocoa Chef was inspired to create a dish that he grew up enjoying, so he added this Mexican favorite to the menu. Street Corn is the perfect side for any dishes being served at your Super Bowl Sunday feast. Pair it with a dark, nutty, and chocolate-infused porter from Wicked Weed brewery in Asheville, NC. Ingredients Frozen Yellow Corn Red Onion Chili Powder Lime Juice Clarified Butter Cojita Cheese Quantity 2 bags or 24 oz 1 medium 2 tbsp 1 6 oz ½ cup crumbled Directions: In large rondeau pan, bring 3 quarts of salted water to a boil. Add frozen corn to the boiling water. Let the water come back to a boil and cook for 5 minutes. Drain corn, then place in a pan. Add diced onion, chili powder, lime juice, butter, and salt. Mix well. Add a splash of heavy cream when heating up. Top with cojita cheese crumbles. As you gear up for the ultimate football showdown, we hope that these game day eats inspire you. Whether you’re cheering for the New England Patriots or Los Angeles Rams, we can all agree that the experience is always better with a decadent Super Bowl Sunday spread.
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Southern Cuisine History: She Crab Soup

She Crab Soup has been a Southern signature dish for decades, bringing warm, rich flavor to kitchen tables throughout Charleston. While local restaurants offer their own versions, this rich and filling soup traditionally consists of heavy cream, blue crab meat and crab roe (eggs) with dry sherry often added as it is plated.

Large numbers of Scottish immigrants began settling in Charleston during the 1700s.  One traditional dish they brought with them was partan-bree, a crab and rice soup. The settlers began to adjust their recipe to incorporate blue crabs because of the abundance in the area.  This Scottish soup served as a starting point, but She Crab Soup as we know it today was not developed until the early 1900s.  As the story goes, R. Goodwyn Rhett, Mayor of Charleston, was entertaining President Taft at his home.  The Rhett’s butler, William Deas, was asked to create a fancier version of their traditional crab soup.  He added the orange-hued crab eggs of mature female crabs, called “she crabs” by fishermen, to give color and improve the flavor, thus inventing the Charleston delicacy known as She Crab Soup.

This delightful and smooth seafood soup is sure to impress your friends and family, try to recreate The Palmetto Cafe’s She Crab Soup with Sherry, or come in and try it for yourself!

Traditional She Crab Soup with Sherry, from The Palmetto Cafe

Yellow Onion (minced)
Celery (minced)
Bay Leaf
Thyme (chopped)
Dry Sherry
Milk (cold)
Heavy Cream (cold)
Lobster Stock
Crab Roe (minced)
Salt and Pepper
2 oz
2 oz
3 oz
3 oz
1 small leaf
1 tsp
1 oz
3 c
1 oz
2½ c
1 ½ oz
4 oz
To taste
To taste

In a heavy gauge pan, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the flour and cook the mixture constantly stirring to a golden straw color (appx. 7 minutes). Add the onion, celery, thyme and bay leaf and continue cooking for another 10 minutes. Add the milk, cream and half of the lobster stock. Cook 20 minutes. Add the minced crab roe to the remaining lobster stock and combine it with the sherry. Add this mixture along with the nutmeg and seasonings to the rest of the soup. Cook for 10 minutes. Add the crabmeat and cook an additional 5 minutes. Garnish with fresh crabmeat mixed with chopped thyme. This recipe serves 6 to 8 people, bon appétit!

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Most Mouthwatering Brunch Dishes

As you enter the bright and airy Palmetto Cafe, you’ll be greeted by giant windows that overlook our lush garden.  Filled with blooming foliage and a resplendent bronze fountain, guests have the option of dining al fresco or basking in the sweet and savory scents that fill the air inside.  Either option provides the opportunity to indulge in a leisurely brunch while relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere.  While dining with us, the biggest decision you’ll have to make is which decadent dish to choose.  Read on to discover some of the finest recipes that will start your day on the right foot.   Huevos Rancheros This traditional Mexican dish is a nod to our sister property, Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa, in Riviera Maya.  A perfectly poached egg sits atop a bowl filled with decadent ingredients like a black bean quesadilla, chorizo, country ham, ranchero sauce, and sliced avocados.  Each layer brings a different texture and taste that will please any palate. Shrimp and Grits Indulge in a Lowcountry favorite, and explore local ingredients found in Charleston.  Creamy grits serve as the base of the dish, while fresh shrimp, sausage, and cherry tomatoes bring the meal together.  Topped with gravy and green onions, you certainly will be pleased with this Southern staple.  Corned Beef Hash Omelet This savory favorite is packed with housemade corned beef and aged cheddar cheese.  Grilled vine ripened tomatoes are placed perfectly atop a sherry steak sauce for extra flavor.  The unique ingredients bring a different approach to this delicious omelet.     Tuscan Egg Sandwich Let us not forget about a refined classic such as our Tuscan Egg Sandwich.  This hearty entrée is filled with scrambled eggs, county ham, and savory gruyere cheese.  Sweet caramelized onions and grain mustard provide a tasty twist found in each bite.  Buttermilk Pancakes A sweet treat awaits with our Buttermilk Pancakes.  Toppings such as blueberries, strawberries, bananas, pecans, and chocolate chips are available to customize the dish to your liking.  Then, pour our warm maple syrup on top of the fluffy pancakes to indulge even more. Whether you prefer refined classics or uniquely presented dishes, The Palmetto Cafe serves a wide range of decadent brunch options.  Take time to rediscover the slow pace of the day, and treat yourself to Four Diamond dining.  
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