Beer, Wine and Liquor with a South Carolina Address


If you have traveled to Kentucky, you may be familiar with the “Bourbon Trail” a road leading between some of the greatest Kentucky bourbon distilleries. We are making our own trail by way of Charleston.

Recently, we have been lucky enough to have a wave of new distilleries and breweries make their home in the South. If you are planning a trip to Charleston, take the time to explore some of these nationally renowned watering holes.

If you like sweet tea….

Firefly Distillery
Sweet Tea comes with South Carolina territory, and that is why we love Firefly Distillery, where they serve up Sweet Tea Vodka with that personable, Southern hospitality.

Located approximately 30 minutes off the peninsula, make a day out of visiting this distillery and also plan on visiting the conveniently located, sole tea plantation in America, Charleston Tea Plantation. It will become obvious why the Sweet Tea Vodka is so good.


Experience it:
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-5pm
Price: $6
Phone: 843-557-1405
Address: 6775 Bears Bluff Road, Wadmalaw Island, SC 29487

If you like spirits…

Striped Pig Distillery
“From Grain to Grass, Striped Pig ingredients are locally grown” is the tagline that this Charleston favorite boasts. Enjoy spirits including moonshine, rum and vodka. If you’re lucky, you may even meet their mascot, Jackson, the distillery’s pig.


Experience it:
Hours: Wednesday-Friday from 3-7pm and Saturday 12-5pm
Price: Free
Phone: 843-276-3201
Address: 2225-A Old School Drive, 
Charleston, SC 29405

If you like beer…

Westbrook Brewing Co.
Westbrook Brewery’s mission is to make the most interesting, drinkable, and delicious beer possible. Westbrook loves to experiment with different ingredients and brewing techniques, which is the reason why they have so many varieties of beer. Look at the Tasting Room tab to see what is on tap for the week. You can’t go wrong with the White Thai, a Charleston staple.


Experience it:
Hours: Tuesday-Friday from 4-7pm and Saturday from 12-6pm
Price: $6
Phone: 843-654-9114
Address: 510 Ridge Road
, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

If you like a road trip…

Six & Twenty Distillery

Six & Twenty whiskey is actually quite romantic, named after a love story between a Cherokee and a Revolutionary war soldier. They offer a premium whiskey, with emphasis on supporting everything local; starting with the locally grown wheat that is distilled into their delicious whiskey.


Experience it:
Hours: Saturday at 1pm & 4pm
Price: Free (Call to make a reservation)
Phone: 864-263-8312
Address: 3109 Highway 153 Piedmont, SC 29673

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Carolopolis Award


Surely while walking around downtown Charleston you have spotted one of these plaques adorning a vine draped home or an antebellum mansion, but are you aware of what the plaque actually means?

The Carolopolis Award is a plaque situated on buildings that are model examples of preserved, restored or rehabilitated construction. The award is given to those that currently own and maintain the property.

The Carolopolis award was created in 1953 to recognize outstanding achievement in the city of Charleston and since then, The Preservation Society has presented 1,309 awards in recognition of such achievement.

We have provided a diagram that displays what the plaque represents. To enlarge the image click here.


Here are a few examples of the Carolopolis award spotted throughout the city. Follow this walking route to see examples of Carolopolis Awards below.


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Strolling the Charleston City Market


The Charleston City Market is one of the most iconic attractions in Charleston and historically one of the oldest in the nation, established in 1807. Today, the Charleston City Market is bustling with activity–from the on-site weaving of sweetgrass baskets to the locals and visitors from all over the world brushing shoulders. The open-air market gives a taste of Charleston life and flavor that is unique to Charleston’s history.

There are a few stands, which hold significance to Charleston and are not to be missed when strolling through the market. To put you in a Southern state of mind, we recommend you take the time to explore the following Charleston City Market items.

Benne Wafers
These golden token shaped cookies are popular all over the peninsula. They pair deliciously with a cup of tea or on their own. Unique to the Lowcountry since Colonial times, Benne (the Bantu word for sesame) was brought to America from East Africa in the 17th century during the slave trade era. Probably the oldest crop grown for its mild, nut-like taste, this versatile annual herb was planted extensively throughout the South. You are able to sample before you buy a box, and you can always pick one up at our coffee counter in the lobby.


Sweetgrass Baskets
As you walk through the market, you will find yourself surrounded by varying shapes and sizes of sweetgrass baskets. These baskets are one of the oldest types of African Art found in the nation today, and are even on display at the Smithsonian Museum for their unique technique and place in history. Enjoy watching the weavers create baskets in front of you, as you choose from a variety of styles. Also be sure to look for the certified “Made in South Carolina” plaque, located at the front of the table, so you know your basket is authentic and locally made.


The Spice and the Spoon
A husband and wife duo make these spices on Meeting Street, though their headquarters is right out of the Charleston City Market, you may see them in mom and pop grocers and corner stores in over twenty states. Stop by to taste flavorful dips and take a few packets home to bring a little Southern spice to your kitchen.


Naturally Southern Soap
Daniel and his mother make these luscious soaps with Lowcountry charm out of their apartment on Rutledge Avenue. Try the rich, nourishing hand crèmes that are made with less than five ingredients, and enjoy the unique and fresh smell of their fragranced soaps. Daniel’s favorites? He likes Sweetgrass and Butt Naked Scrub.


Rich in history and charm, The Charleston City Market is a must see destination in the Holy City. Take your time as you walk through the market to smell the fresh pralines, hear horses hooves clacking down Market Street and see firsthand what Charleston life is like.

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