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Belmond Charleston Place recently completed a $40 million, multi-year renovation project, resulting in new guestrooms and suites, updated public spaces and expanded amenities. New art also graces the hotel’s walls and the guestroom collection, in particular, has been extremely well received. We recently sat down with Farmboy Fine Arts to learn more about the new in-room art collection, what inspired it and why it is resonating with our guests.

Farmboy Fine Arts

From where did you draw your inspiration for the art at Belmond Charleston Place?
At Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA), we strive to activate spaces through the meaningful incorporation of art. We wanted to develop a thoughtful and relevant artwork collection for Belmond Charleston Place that would give guests a sense of place, reminding them that they are in the vibrant and historic city of Charleston. The artwork is a nod to the city’s rich history, while also providing visitors with a contemporary take on authentic Southern charm.

Tell us about the custom art collection guests will see in the newly redesigned guest rooms. 
Featured throughout the guestrooms, the art collection connects guests to the culture of this unique region, establishing the property as a gathering point for local society. FBFA’s high-level of expertise in the art consulting industry allowed us to curate, source, and develop a dynamic and arresting custom artwork collection influenced by Charleston’s narrative. Belmond Director of Marketing, Eric Monteiro, said it best when he confirmed, “The artwork is the grand finale, the last piece of flourish that brings it all together.”

There are a series of limited edition prints included in the collection. What makes these so special?
FBFA artist Jordan Hilliard created ‘Circle of a Square Paper,’ a sophisticated and original abstracted landscape painting, which we reproduced as a limited-edition fine art print for Belmond Charleston Place. The 150 prints feature hand decaled-edge heavy linen fine-art paper debossed to a depth of 1/8 inch. The traditional medium of painting is balanced by the contemporary circle motif and shadow box frame, elevating the simple composition. The countless guest inquiries regarding this piece, and many others from the collection, further confirm the impact it has on the property and the guest experience.

Can you tell us about your process? How long does it take to curate a commercial collection? What goes into the design and decision-making processes?
FBFA’s objective was to develop a collection that tells the story of the Charleston people and place, delivering on the property’s vision for a relevant, discerning art collection. The collaborative, iterative process of working with the brand gave us an opportunity to source artwork and content from the local arts community – our artist and gallery partners – that is authentic and inspiring. The end result provides guests with a purposeful, engaging art experience that juxtaposes the traditional design and feel of the stately building with the contemporary look of the artwork.

In your opinion, how does art on property impact the guest experience?
A successful art collection enriches the guest experience by stimulating dialogue and interaction between the artwork and a diverse range of individuals. Guests are left with an immersive, memorable experience marked by the artwork; the artwork’s emotional resonance strengthening their connection to the place. At FBFA, our goal is to change lives with art, and we feel that a well-curated, well-rounded collection can do just that for guests, whether they pass through for a minute or stay for a few days.

If a guest wanted to take home a piece of Charleston for their own collection, is that possible?
Although we routinely field requests from Belmond Charleston Place guests wishing to purchase art from the property’s collection, we cannot reproduce the limited-edition prints developed for the hotel. Due to the overwhelming inquiries, FBFA is exploring the options available to us in providing reproductions to interested guests, in hopes that we will be able to do so in the near future.

Ready to get your art meets eye candy fix? Explore Charleston’s vibrant arts scene, located just outside our doors. From the many galleries in the French Quarter to exhibitions by local artists at Redux Contemporary Art Center to permanent Lowcountry collections at area museums, there’s plenty here to delight in. Contact the Concierge for more information and directions.

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Your Guide to Charleston

Visitors to Charleston often remark on the historic district’s walkability yet many are surprised by the depth and breadth of the area’s offerings. One of the best ways to dive deeper in to the architecture, history and folklore of the region is with the help of a guide. From walking tours to carriage rides to sunset sails, our Concierge team recommends guests who are interested in experiencing the Holy City get up close and personal with the help of our favorite tour guides.

1670 Tours
A walking tour of Charleston’s residential district with 1670 Tours allows you to cover about 10-12 blocks with frequent stops at a casual pace. Tailored exclusively to the group, topics may include history, culture, architecture, wars and disasters. The licensed guides will lead you through private homes, public buildings, churches, gardens and graveyards, experiencing the ambiance of the various neighborhoods along the way. The tour features plenty of photo opportunities as well, and the guides know all the best Instagram-worthy spots.

1670 Tours

Schooner Pride
See Charleston from a different point of view on the Schooner Pride, a classic 84′ three mast wooden tall ship. Tour Charleston Harbor for an exhilarating day sail or set out at sunset for a romantic cruise around the peninsula. More of a leisurely sail than a tour, take in the peaceful waters of the Cooper River as it meets the Atlantic and mingle with dolphins, pelicans and gulls on the relaxing two-hour sail.

Schooner Pride

Carolina Polo and Carriage Company
Family owned and operated by Charlestonians whose families have been here since the 1600s, Carolina Polo and Carriage Company offers an authentic tour experience. The one-hour fully-narrated group carriage tour takes guests through the quaint and charming streets of downtown. The passionate and engaging guides will regale riders with history lessons, pirate’s tales and architectural highlights. Beautiful gardens and parks, stately mansions, historic churches and buildings are all included.

Carolina Polo and Carriage Company

For those hoping to mix learning with leisure on their upcoming Charleston visit, these tour guides offer a thorough glimpse into life in the historic district. Belmond Charleston Place is currently running its Spring Selections package until June 10, 2017 which includes your choice of afternoon sail for two aboard the Schooner Pride, personalized 90-minute walking tour with 1670 Tours or $150 Spa or Dining credit. Book now.


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Hidden Treasures in Charleston

From Rainbow Row to the Pineapple Fountain, Charleston is full of charming scenes that are postcard ready. As iconic as these sites are, there remains many hidden treasures that may go unnoticed in the city. Explore the unique and secret gems embedded within this historic mecca to showcase a peek other may not have seen before. Tread lightly off the beaten path and discover these delightful hidden sights in Charleston.

Philadelphia Alley

philadelphia alley

Journey back in time as you stroll along Philadelphia Alley. Nestled in-between Cumberland and Queen Streets, the 1766 narrow cobblestone passageway is known not only for its Colonial history, but has made its way into pop culture. Watch closely and you will catch a glimpse of the alley in Charlestonian Darius Rucker’s “Comeback Song” music video. 


Ivy Covered Wallscharleston sc

Throughout Charleston, ivy can be seen spreading her bounty not only on trees, but also climbing brick walls for endless feet. The lush foliage makes the perfect backdrop for a summer photo perfect for Instagram.




Detailed and ornate wrought iron gates are the entryway to the classic Charlestonian lifestyle. From balconies to stair railings, vents and decorative panels, finely crafted ironwork has been an architectural treasure since the early 1900s. Daniel Island native and blacksmith, Philip Simmons, turned iron gates into an artform, incorporating delicate nature inspired patterns into his designs. These special gates can be found on display at the Smithsonian, as well as museums in China and Paris.



Snap, crackle, pop – Charleston treasure can be found in the simplest forms. Snap a photo of a cracked open door that’s coated in a pop of color, and you’re sure to capture a memorable view. Take a walk along the Battery and along the way, take in the array of gorgeous doors lining the streets.


Window Boxes


Outside Charleston’s antebellum dwellings sit windows overflowing with a blooming surprise of colorful flowers. In a historic district where front yards are few and far, these window boxes are the perfect gardening eye candy to welcome visitors.




Small treasures can be found anywhere in Charleston, even right beneath your toes. Steps away from Rainbow Row, you’ll find South Adgers Wharf. While many streets were modified with flatter, rectangle bricks, this street’s beautifully preserved authentic cobblestone adds charm and texture to the city’s history.


Randolph Hall


Located in the heart of the College of Charleston campus, Randolph Hall has seen students and faculty serving in the Confederacy during the Civil War. The iconic Charleston building is a National Historic Landmark and is an often overlooked grand building in the heart of the city.


Charleston is a treasure trove of charm and beauty. From a simple flower to an ornate gate, surround yourself in the wonders of the city.

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