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Cocktails to Spice Up Your Next Holiday Party

As the days get shorter and the temperature gets cooler, it’s safe to say that we’ve officially reached the holiday season.  It’s time to part ways with your go-to summer drinks, and welcome the warm tastes of apple, cranberry, and cinnamon.  Our resident Thoroughbred Club mixologist, Mouzon, has prepared the perfect recipes for holiday-inspired cocktails.  Indulge in these festive drinks in the comforts of your own home, or, cozy up next to the fireplace at the Thoroughbred Club and listen to the sounds of live music.


The Conductor

The Conductor

1.5oz Wild Turkey American Honey

1oz Hoodoo Chicory Liqueur

1oz Fresh Sour mix

1 round lemon slice, for garnish

Granulated sugar, for garnish

Rub a lemon slice along the rim of a martini glass, then dip the glass into a dish of sugar.  Combine all liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice.  Stir, then strain liquid into glass.  Garnish with lemon slice.

Cranberry Allspice Old Fashioned

Cranberry Allspice Old Fashioned

2oz Barbancourt 15-year rhum

0.5oz allspice & brown sugar simple syrup

Dried cranberries and oranges muddled

1 orange peel, for garish and glass

Using a muddler or wooden spoon, muddle dried cranberries, orange, allspice, and brown sugar simple syrup against bottom and side of a glass. Fill glass with ice. Stir in rhum, cranberry juice, and splash of club soda (optional). Garnish with orange slice and cranberries.