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Chef T’s Southern Style Wings

Now that football season is here, just as important as the game is the food you have available. Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest day in American food consumption, after Thanksgiving, and during football season should be no different!
 Executive Chef Tarquino Vintimilla (Chef T) of Meeting at Market shares his recipe for this game day favorite. Whether you tune in for the games, the halftime shows, or are in it for the fare, we’ve got you covered on what to eat while you watch.
Chef T’s Homemade Habanero Maple Buffalo Sauce:

Your favorite brand of hot sauce
1 cup

Maple syrup
½ cup

½ sliced

Habanero peppers
2 sliced

4 cloves

Apple cider vinegar
¼ cup

Instructions:  Sauté the habanero peppers, garlic and onion in a pan. In a blender, add the sautéed mix with the apple cider vinegar and blend well. Pour blended mix into a bowl and add the maple syrup and hot sauce. Mix well. Toss the wings in the sauce or serve o the side.
Blue Cheese Dressing:

1 cup

Sour cream
1 cup

2 tablespoons, chopped

1 tablespoon, chopped

Blue cheese
1 cup, crumbed

1 tablespoon, chopped

Salt and pepper
To taste


Instructions: Add all ingredients to a bowl. Mix well. Serve on the side for dipping.

These wings are sure to kick your party up a notch. Whether you’re at home or plan to catch the big game at Meeting at Market, you’ll love Chef T’s sweet and spicy take on a game day classic.

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