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Spring Blooms in Charleston

When the sun begins to cast warm rays on the city’s historic buildings and backyard gardens blossom vibrant splashes of color, you know spring is finally here. Charleston is known for its quiet and charming secret gardens, Palmetto trees and local flowers sprinkled throughout the city. While Charleston has a long list of reasons for travelers to explore the city, the blooming flowers of spring are among the highlights. Spring in Charleston brings a variety of floral delights; the most breathtaking regional flowers consist of Azaleas, Wisteria, Tea Olive, Tulip Trees and Camellias.

Wherever you turn in Charleston you will surely see Azaleas blooming in hues of pronounced pinks, brilliant reds and warm purples, adding sweet, rich pigment. Azaleas, also called “the royalty of the garden”, are from the rhododendron family and one of the most sought-after shrubs, producing brilliant full color.

Spring in Charleston most certainly brings Wisteria, a wispy, willowing plant that climbs and wraps around historic stone buildings and arching iron gates, welcoming guests as they arrive. The curious vines of a wisteria can reach as high as 65 feet above the ground and spread out 32 feet wide.
The fragrant Tea Olive’s dark glossy, green leaves and dense foliage can be discovered all throughout Charleston in the form of well-manicured hedges providing shade and privacy. These sweet shrubs bloom tiny but amazingly fragrant, creamy white flowers which give gardens a crisp and fresh aesthetic.

You can also find beautifully strong and tall Tulip Trees blooming light pink flowers. The Tulip Tree, which is part of the Magnolia family, can grow as tall as 80 feet at full maturity. Often selected for their joyful robust tulips, the tree also provides cool shade for Charlestonians on warm spring days.

Camellias, another Southern favorite come, in many different shapes and sizes, yielding hues of red with colors ranging from starch white to rich pink ombré. These gorgeous trees, growing up to 65 feet tall, can be seen February 14th – March 23rd at Middleton Place Camellia Walks, where visitors can admire hundreds of varieties of Camellias dating back to the 1950’s.

The Festival of Houses and Gardens held in Charleston March 21st – April 20th celebrates historic downtown residences dating back to the 18th century, providing outsiders a rare opportunity to experience some of Charleston’s most beautiful, private gardens.

Floral insights were provided by Bloom at Charleston Place. Utilizing local product as much as possible, Bloom provides stunning floral arrangements for weddings and events, creating some of the most breathtaking arrangements inspired by the city of Charleston itself.

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