Top Breathtaking Carolina Sunsets

As Charleston gets warmer and the days grow longer, there isn’t a better way to end the day than with a Holy City sunset. The Lowcountry provides so many great places to take in the beauty of sundown so grab a friend and head to one of these charming spots between 7:30pm and 8:00pm to the catch the last few rays of the day.
The Battery
This inviting park is one of the most visited places in Charleston due to its vast history and gorgeous landscape. Take a stroll along this park at sunset to enjoy the beautiful views with a waterfront backdrop. Arrive early, bring a picnic and blanket and revel in the beauty of the day’s end.
Pitt Street Bridge
Spend the day exploring the Old Village of Mount Pleasant then retreat to the Pitt Street Bridge to experience one of the undisputed, best views of the Lowcountry.  A favorite with locals, the bridge is always filled with people fishing, biking, walking dogs and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. With tidal flats and salt marshes on your left and the Charleston harbor to your right, this hidden gem will leave you yearning to come back again and again.
Schooner Pride Sail
Take a sunset sail on board the Schooner Pride and see the sun slip below the horizon from the harbor. The boat sails around the waters surrounding the peninsula so you will see a marvelous sundown set against church steeples and historic architecture. Help the crew raise and trim the sails or just sit back and enjoy the stunning views.
Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge
Visiting the Ravenel Bridge is a must when exploring Charleston. Drive or stroll to the middle of the bridge where the Cooper and Ashley Rivers meet and take a break on the benches at dusk to experience an unbelievable sunset. Don’t forget your camera! Almost as beautiful as sundown itself, the bridge offers great charm of its own.

A Charleston sunset is unlike any other so leave yourself plenty of time to take it all in. You’ll be dreaming of it until your next visit to Charleston, which we hope is sooner rather than later.



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What is Quadriga?

In cities around the globe, significant public spaces are punctuated by heroic statues or forms of public art. With Charleston’s rich and storied history, the Holy City is no different. Many of the city’s public places are marked by unique statues. Two of the most notable in Charleston are the statue of famous South Carolinian John C. Calhoun, set in Marion Square, and   the Confederate Defenders of Charleston monument, which can be seen in Battery Park.

As guests arrive at the main entrance of Charleston Place Hotel between Meeting and Hassell Street, they are greeted by a hulking statue named “Quadriga.” In the mid 80’s, the hotel wanted to create a signature piece that would complement the hotel and destination, so they did what any other self respecting property would do—they commissioned sculptor John Mills, a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and the Royal Society of Arts. When Mills visited Charleston, he was struck by the history and architecture with its many references to ancient Greek and Roman styles.

Quadriga features a 14-foot Greek revival column in the center surrounded by four 9-foot bronze horses representing the significance of the horse in Charleston’s history, as well as its present day role. At the top of the sculpture is a Carolina bird of prey, which was long ago prevalent in the Charleston Market.

A quadriga is a car or chariot drawn by four horses, and symbolizes triumph, victory and fame. It is a very popular sculpture around the world, with significant pieces found in cities like Berlin, Brooklyn, Paris and Saint Petersburg.

What is your favorite statue or piece of public art found around the Holy City?

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