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Sommelier Rick Rubel’s Top 5 Wine Tips

The experience of fine dining at Charleston Grill shines bright amidst the Southern elegance and refinement of Charleston. Recognized as one of the best restaurants in the nation, decadent fare and soft sounds of nightly jazz are best accompanied by wine. Recently named one of the “100 Best Restaurants for Wine Lovers in America” via OpenTable, Wine Director and Advanced Sommelier Rick Rubel is the mastermind behind the largest wine selection in Charleston. Boasting 1,250 different labels and 10,000 bottles, Charleston Grill’s wine cellar is estimated to be valued at nearly $550,000. Read on to discover Rubel’s top tips to making the most out of your relationship with wine.

Savor the scents

“Don’t forget to smell the wine! I can’t tell you how often I see people spend a lot of money on a bottle of wine, and then they never take the time to enjoy the aromas. Your palate simply gives you sweet, sour, bitter, salt, and umami. Your nose gives you everything else. Besides, the wine lasts longer when you only use your nose.”

Get outside your comfort zone

“The number of choices in the wine world is dizzying. I cannot think of any other product that gives the consumer such an array of choices. Jump in and taste the cultures of the world one sip at a time.”

Utilize a professional

“It’s nice to have some help selecting your wine. Use the sommelier on staff, and open up to them about your likes and dislikes. They’ll be able to make a personal selection that may open a door to new tastes and smells.”  

Find a great wine retailer

“I encourage everybody to build a relationship with the staff at your local wine store. These people are likely professionals, and over time, will prove to be an invaluable relationship. Once they know your palate, they can help introduce you to new wines and select ones that you’ll love.”

Share the love

“Wine can be moving, transcending, and otherworldly. When you share these experiences with others, it only increases the appreciation on all sides.”

Whether you’re a novice or oenophile, selecting the perfect wine is truly a personal experience. With two sommeliers on staff at Charleston Grill, each dish can be paired to perfection with the most decadent wines. Visit us soon to experience a world of flavors that will delight.